Why Does It Matter?

This is one of those business lessons that’s really hard to figure out sometimes, even for myself, but is important if you want to connect with your customers and help them decide yes to purchase your product or service. When creating your copy and sharing sales information that could ultimately lead someone to buy what you are selling, make sure you can communicate the benefits, and not just the features. If I am going to buy a new mattress, the salesperson may point out one of the features is a pillow-top, with 2′ of added cushion. While that sounds really cool, like a catch phrase that I’m supposed to glob onto immediately and know what that means, as a customer, I want to know, what’s in it for me? Why do I care that the mattress has a 2″ pillow top? The benefit answers that question. The benefit may mean that the bed is more comfortable, keeps my vertebrae in alignment, resulting in a better night sleep. Getting a better night sleep means I’m not a cranky pants at work and I am more focused and happy and calm. If I am looking to purchase a service that helps me build a website online, the feature might be the ability to build it quickly and easily, as well as add a shopping cart. The benefit is that I can be in business immediately, and having a shopping cart allows me to accept money from my customer right away, making it easy for my customer to do business with me.

When figuring out your features and benefits, take the time to really determine why it matters to your customer and you will find your business growing exponentially.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment