Wise Words From A Pioneer

Biz Stone. It’s possible you have never heard the name, or have no idea who he is, but I’m sure you have heard of the company he co-founded. Twitter. It wasn’t the only successful company he has been involved in, but so far the most successful. It took a few flops and more than a few lessons to get him where he wanted to go.

I went to an event this morning where Biz Stone spoke. These are a few of the nuggets I gleaned from the conversation.

Early on, he made a decision to leave a full scholarship behind to pursue an opportunity, that had no crystal ball telling him it was the right decision. It was. We are glad he trusted his gut.

More than once, Biz shared that the crucial element to success is that it only works if you love it and are having fun. He also commented that a lack of emotional investment will do you in. The other important element is, “Does it offer value to someone? If so, it has legs.”

A personal belief of mine is there is always a solution, or as Biz said, “There is always another creative or artful approach to the problem.”

He recently wrote a book titled, “Things A Little Bird Told Me, Confessions Of A Creative Mind,” If you want to read more, Click Here

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