You Never Know

You never know when opportunity will strike. You never know when you might find the perfect partner, realize the perfect solution to someone’s problem, find the perfect business partner, or meet someone that is your ideal client. You just never know. So in that spirit of always being open, but not necessarily expecting, I went to dinner with my VALENTINE last Friday evening.

We had a wonderful dinner, and about mid-way through our meal two very lovely women were seated next to us.  Seeing as how we were fairly engaged in our own conversation and meal, (I mean, it was Valentine’s Day!) we didn’t really strike up a conversation with our fellow diners. At the end of the meal, I excused myself to er, “powder my nose”, and when I came back to the table my husband was chatting with the beautiful redhead. I commented that her hair was gorgeous, and she told me her friend seated directly across from her had just gotten her certification as a hair colorist/stylist and she was responsible for the lovely do. It seems she was just getting ready to launch her business while the redhead was an entrepreneur already. Now, normally I don’t network when I’m out on a date with my handsome husband, and network may not be the right word exactly either, but I couldn’t help but share what I do and ask for their card ( tsk, tsk, I didn’t have mine with me since I had my cute little fashion purse) The redhead was prepared (another blog post and business lesson) and kindly gave me her card. it could have ended there, but I followed up, just like I should, and guess what? They are coming to my next MASTERMIND AGENCY GROUP meeting!  You just never know!

xo, jan

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