Clean House

Ok, so maybe you thought I was going to say get rid of bad employees or declutter, and although that is a great business lesson, and I highly recommend it, this post is to literally say, clean your house, or your office, or both, OR have someone else do it.

If you have followed me for a while, you may recall days when I shared the frustrations of the remodel of my house and trying to deal with the mess that seemed ever consuming! The remodel is pretty much done, but there was still a lot of clean-up that needed to happen. So recently, I got the house cleaned up, and it was AMAZING! I fell in love with my  house again. It made me happy and excited to be there. It made the hard times seem distant. And it made me realize how great it is to have a clean space to create and be inspired in. My load felt a little lighter, and the excitement I felt from just being in this space was undeniable. So clean your house, or your office, and find yourself falling in love with your space again, and your creativity and productivity on overdrive.

xo, jan

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