See Only What You Can Do

A mother was being interviewed about her child who had overcome insurmountable odds to walk, to talk, to operate somewhat independently. When asked what the mother had done to help the child achieve such incredible feats, the mother replied, ” I never saw what my child couldn’t do, I only saw what she could.”

That kind of belief is necessary if we want to succeed in anything in life. My brother used to say, “Can’t never did” and I’ve lived by this quote for as long as I can remember. (He didn’t make up the quote), but it was his philosophy and I embraced it.

Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that naivety was perhaps one of their greatest strengths when launching their business. They didn’t know what they weren’t supposed to achieve, so they did it anyhow.

So practice only seeing what you can do, instead of what you think you can’t and watch your achievements and accomplishments grow substantially.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment