Sometimes You Just Have To Be Brave

On the rarest of occasions, I play golf. On one of those occasions, I actually got lucky and hit a hole in one! My husband who plays golf ALL the time, is still vying for the right to make that claim. I do believe with all his effort he will make it. As I said, I was just lucky.

All of this is really beside the point except that I had the tv on kind of in the background as I was doing some work, and a golf tournament happened to be on. I was definitely not listening to the commentary, (trust me, golf is the slowest game to watch on tv!) until they started talking about this one player and I heard the words, “Sometimes you just have to be brave.”  I perked up! Those sounded like words every entrepreneur needs to hear!

Many times we are afraid as we get ready to take that next step, but those words, that sometimes we just have to be brave really resonated with me. This powerful statement was in reference to golf player Jordon Spieth. He declared he wanted to be the #1 player in the world, and at just 20 years old, he is fast on his way to making good on that declaration. He is currently ranked #7, so he definitely understands what it takes to be the best and has found the guts and certainly has the ability to make that happen. So OWN what it is you want, make a declaration to yourself and the world, find the guts to be brave, practice till you have the ability, do the stuff you have to do to become #1 or the best in your field, and you will find yourself at the top of your game.

xo, jan

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