Step Into The Role Of Your Customer

Every now and then, it is a good idea to step into the role of your customer and view your business from a different lens. Try to engage your senses and experience your product, or service as a customer. Why did you make the decision to launch this company? Get back in touch with what you love and and are passionate about with regard to your business.

Close your eyes and taste your product, does the flavor come through the way you want it to? Do the exercise, are you feeling the burn and seeing the results? Ask yourself the hard questions, wait for the answers. Try on the clothes, drape the jewelry or carry the handbag, does it make you feel stylish and good about yourself? Can you move your business forward with the classes you are offering? Are you helping a customer do the things you are saying you can do?  Are you still filling the need or solving the problem you think your customers are experiencing?

When you look at your business this way, you are getting in touch and may find things you can do to improve the experience your customer is having with your products or service, and ultimately that translates into growth for your company and satisfaction from your customer.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment