Cher, The Effect

I’ve always loved Cher’s music and I’m totally dating myself, but I totally watched the Sonny and Cher show back in the day and loved every minute. I thought Cher was enormously talented, very funny and an amazing entertainer. I always sorta had it on my bucket list to go see her live one day.

I got to fulfill that wish this past weekend and let me just say, she did not disappoint! She was witty, warm, talented, and a true performer. Every song was carefully orchestrated to bring back memories, and completely wow you with the performance on every level.

She does a big production, and I was especially impressed because this wasn’t in Vegas where she camped for a number of years with a fixed stage. This was a stage that was temporary for only one night. That’s a lot of putting up and taking down.

But what I loved MOST, was her ability to seem incredibly authentic, like she was totally herself and we were together just having a fun time with her singing and telling stories, AND, the way she owned 68 years old!! As someone who is turning 60 this year, I haven’t been owning my age like I usually do, but after seeing Cher, I’m like, “bring it on baby!”

I am still in reflection and deep thought about her show. She just did everything right. She gave me a WOW and an “experience” I valued. She made me believe she was authentic. She was funny. Maryann Brandon, a famous film editor once said, “If you can make people laugh, they want you around.” She left an impression. SHE STOOD OUT. She gave the crowd what they wanted,  AND that is what makes loyal fans who are are happily willing to shell out huge sums of money to see you, buy from you, and give you business. There is no one like CHER, and there will never be. SHE’S GOT IT!

I’m so happy I got to see the real deal. xo jan

Okay, so the picture isn’t that great, but it is always nice to see a visual, and here is CHER!!!

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