How Much Is Your Time Worth?

My husband is notorious for saying he would rather do something himself than pay someone to do half a job. I’m stubborn that way sometimes too, but the problem with my husband is that he can do most everything, so typically he does, and it isn’t always on my timeline.

Prior to my birthday, I did get him to agree that we really should wash the windows and there was two obvious choices, hire someone (which he has never done) or do them himself, which he always does. As predicted, he chose to do them himself. They aren’t easy. They are time consuming. And they do probably look better than if someone else had done them.

HOWEVER, my daughter asked him this morning, “How much is your time worth?, ” as he was trying to balance business meetings and meeting my time line to get the work done. It is an important concept. We can’t do it all! Maybe next time, he will hire someone.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment