Updates Available

My iPhone has become seriously annoying. Apparently I am due for an update, and when I chose to ignore the messages the first few times, the phone got sassy and decided to throw a message up on the screen at least 20x a day, (obviously this happens when I’m trying to do something else and have to click out of the message to continue) saying, “Sign-in Required, you are due for an update. Press [Cancel] [Continue].” If I had something greater than an iPhone 4, it would probably be Suri yaking at me, reminding me updates were available.

While I find this little reminder to be a real pain in the ass, I am also reminded that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and thought about how it could be really cool if we were gently reminded that we need to update our business regularly.

So think about it. Set an alarm on your phone every 3 months, and have it say, “It is time to update your business”. Schedule a full day to go through line item after line item of items that need to be updated or released.  This will help you to stay fresh, current, and efficient.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment