Getting There

I try to hike this every year I visit CO in the summer, and this year was no exception . After several days of setbacks from rain, thunderstorms or other obstacles, my friend and I finally got a chance to go to Hanging Lake.

When we finally arrived, it took 45 min to find a parking spot. We were so happy because we had just about given up and turned around to come back to our residence. We got to the beginning of the trail and started our journey. It was tough going, a steep rocky path most of the way up, but especially since we had overindulged a bit the night before. But we kept on our journey, the reward being spectacular beauty with every step, and  especially the view as seen above at the top.

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes have to keep going, even if we don’t know the reward. We have to believe, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. So go for the view. Recognize that getting there is part of the process. The reward will be waiting for you in the end. Keep going.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment