Plan B

I came to my favorite restaurant/bar up in the mountains to find the entire restaurant, bar, and waiting area filled with guests dressed in beautiful clothes waiting to attend the nuptials of the wedding couple. Typically, the cocktails come after the ceremony, but the wedding had to be put on hold after a hard summer rain, so the guests were in the bar enjoying pre wedding cocktails while another plan was devised on where to hold the ceremony.

Now I am sure everything turned out beautifully, and there will be stories to tell in the future, especially if a few of the guests were very thirsty, but…… a planned PLAN B would have definitely helped the chaotic scene I witnessed and the bride if she was a little stressed over when and where to hold her wedding given the rain interruption. It was a good reminder that rarely do things turn out the way you want, and a PLAN B will save frustrations and probably money in the long run.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment