If You Don't Ask (2 of 3)

Grilled Peach & Green Bean Salad with chèvre and muscatel vinaigrette.  2 of 3

I went to Seattle this week, and my friend that I stayed with took me the a fabulous restaurant that had a really good salad. So good in fact that when the opportunity to go to a different restaurant the following evening, I requested a repeat at Crow.

I studied the salad, thinking perhaps I might make it someday. What was the recipe I wondered. My friend and I dissected the ingredients. But there were certain ingredients we weren’t entirely sure of. Assuming we couldn’t get the recipe, we left the restaurant satiated in our stomach but still curious how we could duplicate the taste.

Today I called the restaurant. And I asked, after I told them how much I enjoyed the salad and would like the recipe. They didn’t exactly give me the recipe, saying that they make it in large quantities and couldn’t break it down, but they did give me the ingredients.  You have to ask if you want to get.

xo, jan

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