An Empty Well Can't Give

Don’t remember where I read this, but it struck a chord. When all we do is work, work, work, we can’t see clearly or come up with new ideas, solutions, or perspective.

An empty well can’t give.

An empty well can’t give.

And if you can’t give, you can’t thrive. You need to replenish and the best way to do that is to get out, take a pause, create, break routine, take a day off, think, explore, or experience.  A few suggestions:

  • Go to a dinner party where you don’t know anyone.
  • Read a book with a different genre than you are accustomed to reading.
  • Check out a play, make a new friend, ask .
  • Go window shopping, walk in the park, visit museums, bookstores, .
  • Do something nice for yourself, manicure, massage, workout, hike, happy hour with friends, listen to a lecture.
  • Take a boat ride, paddle board, walk on the beach, ride a bike…
  • Just do something, anything, outside of your norm.
  • Make something…. a new dish, flower arrangement, painting…

When you start doing new things, the ideas will flow. You will find you have more conversations ready at your fingertips, material to choose from for writing, more ideas to implement, problem solving skills, and a well overflowing…..

xo, jan

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