Be Engaging

I flew to NYC  with my girls to have a mini vacation doing some amazing things which you can be sure I will write about in forthcoming blogs, but this blog is about being relevant. The airline I flew was United, not an airline that I normally fly but it was the only one that had the flights that worked with our schedule.

As I settled in after the flight started, I went ahead and pulled out my book and started to read as the SAFETY video started. There was something different about this one, and it immediately caught my attention. Each safety tip from buckling your seat belt (which was demonstrated in the back of a cab) to what to do when the air mask falls down, (demonstrated in a gondolier) to where to put your belongings and how to move your seat back and forth (demonstrated with airline seats placed on the beach as a handsome guy sips a tropical well garnished cocktail) were delivered with humor in captivating scenes from around the world,

It was funny, engaging AND captivating. I loved that United thought of a new way to engage their customers, especially since the safety tips are a very important part of flying. I wouldn’t say that this will do anything towards making me loyal to the airline, or even use this airline next time I fly, but it did make the airline stand out and got the message delivered in a way that I paid attention. Next time you want to to be heard, think of a new way to deliver your message.

xo, jan

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