Help, I Need Somebody

I met two very good friends for lunch today at a restaurant I have never been to. The restaurant is about three months old, and apparently has another successful location too. Driving to meet my friends, I got lost so I called the restaurant to confirm the location. Sure enough, I had the right address but simply could not locate the business.  The woman who answered the phone blew me off when I explained I knew the address, but couldn’t find the restaurant. She told me to call back in 10 minutes, that she was busy, and gave me the address again. I called back in 10 minutes, and once again she blew me off, yelling hold on and then chatting with customers, etc so there was nothing I could do except yell at Suri who couldn’t help me either.

I finally made my way to the restaurant, and my fiends laughed when I told them I has gotten lost. They said once you find it, you never forget it. True, but still….

I ordered my food and it was absolutely delicious, as was my time with my friends. But I can’t help but wonder how long this place will last if their attitude and customer service continues to overshadow their culinary talents. It is just as easy to be pleasant and helpful to customers as it is to be rude. Fortunately they have great food as I said, and I guess we will put up a lot for good food.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment