Making Plans and Deadlines

My friend Zoe is a fabulous cook, and a great gardener too. Recently we cooked up (like the way I tied that in?) the idea to do a dinner party at our building for the residents and their guests to spotlight all the beauty and work she does in our community garden, to share news about the amazing garden salads she makes for a few folks in the building, and to treat everyone to an explosion of goodness with farm fresh fare, lovingly prepared by her.

Ultimately we decided to do it in my loft since I have a great big ole table and it could accommodate more people. The good and bad thing about doing it in my loft meant one thing. I had to clean up, clean out and prepare for 13 guests at my dining table.  The bad part was I had to do a lot of work that I had been procrastinating about for quite some time. (You know, the really deep cleaning you really don’t want to do but is necessary every now and again), AND good, because it made me get it done! Good, because my place looked really pretty afterwards and made me feel very happy. Planning and Setting a deadline is good for all. Here’s a taste of the menu.  Who knows, one day you might be fortunate enough to taste some of her goodness.


~6:30pm 25 AUGUST 2014~


pre-supper cocktails & hors d’oeuvres ~

gin | lemoncello | thyme


goat sirloin tacos | nectarine Thai basil salsa

jimenez family farms | eastern columbia garden


sungold  & cat’s eye tomato bruschetta | opal basil

eastern columbia garden | windrose farm


chilled melon soups~

cantaloupe | Thai chili | borage

honeydew | spearmint

givens farm | eastern columbia garden


berbere rubbed denver cut steaks | roasted figs | russian banana baby potatoes | shishito peppers

novy grass fed beef/ windrose farm/weiser farm


corn, sweet pepper, lima bean succotash

finley’s farm/mcgrath/family farm


summer squash salad trio

in the land of…/ windrose farm


moroccan  heirloom carrot salad

windrose farm | weiser family farm


family recipe cornbread | chili maple butter

eastern columbia garden


bourbon soaked peaches | mcconnell’s ice cream

windrose farm

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