Wish I Had Thought Of That!

Walking around in Brooklyn, I found a cute little coffee/tea shop to get a glass of tea and while waiting for my order, I read the various brochures and other reading material on the counter. One caught my eye and the thing that impressed me most was the creative solution for a problem that many people have, but until now, solutions were not the most reliable.

The service: a key safe. Participating cafes securely store keys, so that busy homeowners, realtors, airbnb hosts, etc., don’t have to worry about how to retrieve keys that are difficult to carry or pick up.  This would have been extremely helpful when I was visiting a friend in Seattle and couldn’t lock her door without a key, which meant that I had to leave when she left since there wasn’t a great place to leave her key for retrieval once I left town. Wish I had thought of that! www.keycafe.com

Bikes.  You’ve seen em. The racks with bikes that you can rent to go from one location to another and then just leave the bike when you get to your destination. I haven’t really seen this concept take off too much in Los Angeles or Boulder, (yet……), but in NYC, it was widely used and apparently very popular. It made me think of the times I ride a bike somewhere and need to carry those big ole heavy locks and find a place to safe place to secure my bike. This is so much easier! Wish I had thought of that!

The moral of the story is: Don’t stop thinking of ways to improve your life, your product, or your service. You might just come up the next brilliant idea!

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment