A Gift Wrapped Up In Disguise

I teach Entrepreneurship.  My students don’t elect to take my course, they are required to come together as a group, put together a full scale BPLAN from 50 to 80 pages and then present their idea before a panel of esteemed entrepreneurs that wish they had had the same opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship before they launched their dream.  Sometimes we receive gifts wrapped up in disguise.  My students are getting the gift of writing a BPLAN and learning the ins and outs of what it takes to launch a business, even if they don’t appreciate it just now.  But we receive gifts daily too, and it could be a gift wrapped up in disguise.  It might mean meeting a new friend that will help us in the future.  It could be a piece of advice that comes from an unexpected source such as a book, a movie, or a commercial.  It could be from an experience.  So look for your gifts, beyond the disguise. 

Jan McCarthyComment