Dig A Little Deeper

My husband is a wonderful guy, but he just can’t find things, even when they are right in front of him!  “It’s right there on the desk”I say when he is looking for his glasses or key.  And then, finally, I walk over and pluck it right up in front of him.  How could he not see it?  

The other day I was at the grocery looking for cinnamon sticks.  There were none on the shelf. I asked the sales clerk if they had anymore.  Nope, they didn’t have any,” said the clerk. Darn, I really wanted the cinnamon sticks and didn’t want to have to come back.  I went back to the spice rack and pulled out all the cinnamon powder boxes until the last one.  And there, sitting on the shelf was the prized cinnamon sticks!  Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find the solution and when we do, we are rewarded with the grand prize. 

Jan McCarthyComment