I Exposed Myself and Lost A LOT of Weight!

Today, I exposed a deep dark secret to a professional organizer that came into my loft, and helped me lose weight and get perspective. In my loft we have about 1600 sq feet of living space that also includes two bathrooms; one for guests to use that is pretty and neat, and one that my husband and I use.  (It isn’t so pretty and neat.) This is the place where I stash everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I don’t want the world to see.  NO ONE but family is allowed to enter into this bathroom because it is HERE that I have towels, books, clothes, TP, paper towels, robes, magazines and anything else that needs to be stored or out of sight.  The only problem is, things are stacked helter skelter and the area resembles more of a war zone than a bathroom.

Amanda of Simplify was super kind and non-judgmental as she went straight to work and started clearing out EVERYTHING in the bathroom.  We found some treasures and embarrassments, but quickly made piles of like items and labeled them. What was no longer useful, we either set aside to give away or trashed (and there was a lot!!!) Then we figured out the best storage solution for each of the piles.  Amanda made a list of what I need to buy at Ikea or Bed, Bath and Beyond and once I get the storage boxes and cubes, I will simply put each pile into its proper place.  My bathroom may still not be a place I will want to show off to guests, but now I have a place for everything and everything has a place.  I feel light as a feather and happy to have this area as a haven for its real purpose (a bathroom, not a storeroom!)

Entrepreneurial Lessons can be learned from this experience.  If we declutter or detox our minds, our spaces, or our life, we make room for new ideas and allow for new opportunities!   That’s how we become more efficient, productive, creative, energized and therefore more successful!

Jan McCarthyComment