Customer Service and Another Way to Skin A Cat

Sorry for the cat reference.  No disrespect intended.  

The other night we went out to dinner with a friend to Delancey’s.  It isn’t necessarily my favorite restaurant because the service has never been that stellar, but oh how I love the vodka pasta!  So when we went the other night, I wasn’t surprised when the hostess was rude but I was dismayed when she told me we would have to eat in the bar or lounge (both were full) because we didn’t have a reservation, even though there were several tables open.  I walked around the lounge and bar looking to see if anyone was going to get up and leave soon, but no, everyone looked as though they had just arrived or were settling in for a long winter’s night.  How long will the wait be, I asked. Again.  She finally answered an hour and a half.  I went back to find my friend and shared the sad news.  He looked up at me smiling and said, “I just booked us a reservation through open table for 7:30.” It was 7:28!  For tonight?!! Yep, he said, Are you sure? I asked again.  Yes, Yes, and with ultimate delight, shared the news with the same hostess that had just told us we couldn’t get a table for an hour and one half!  Her anger was quite evident as she had to seat us immediately!  Will I go back?  I’m not sure.  Maybe I will get my vodka pasta to go next time.  But I will never ever forget that we were able to bypass their hour and one half wait!  And in a time when customer service rules, Delancey’s better watch their back.  

xo, jan

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