The Choice That Is Mine

I’m a girl that likes choices, especially when I go on a trip.  I want clothes for if the weather is cold, and if the weather is warm, then of course I need clothes that will work in that climate too. I always take my own pillow and It probably goes without saying that I want an assortment of shoes, different bags, all my beauty products, reading materials if I’m stuck somewhere or have free time.  So on the last trip I took, I packed my suitcase with plenty of choices.

This trip was a chance to spend time with my brother, but also a chance to do a lot of sightseeing. So keeping that in mind, each morning my choice of what to wear came down to pretty much the same one or two outfits and comfortable shoes.  I realized this happens every time I take a trip, regardless of the activities. I stick to two or three outfits almost always!  So this trip, as I lugged this overpacked suitcase through long corridors and a crowded airport, I made a choice that is mine; never again will I pack “everything I own”, just so I can have multiple choices. It also got me to thinking about all the extra luggage and choices we carry in our business. The extra weight keeps us from being efficient.  Overstuffed and overpacked businesses keeps us from staying focused on what we need to focus on, as well as the extra costs we incur from all that extra baggage we may be purchasing. So think about trimming the fat, bringing into your business no more and no less than what you really need to operate. You may just find that you feel lighter, more energetic, have more money, and more success!

xo, jan

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