Too Much Chatter!

One of the advantages to owning a business is the ability to do your own thing without a boss looming over your head, telling you what you are supposed to do and how you are supposed to act.  But sometimes…. as a business owner we forget and become a little too casual in our look or in our business activities.  We may have the advantage of doing things “our way” but still remember that the customer is “boss” and what they think, feel, and experience is still key to our success.  I was talking to a business the other day and I could barely hear them for all the chatter in the background from little kids and babies, and they weren’t a daycare center!  A few hours later I spoke to them again and the same commotion was going on.  What I thought about as I was trying to maintain conversation is that this is a hobby and she is answering the phone around her kids activities.  Running a professional business will give you more credibility and ultimately, success!

Jan McCarthyComment