What's In A Name

A great idea for a business pop into your head.  You are so anxious to get started!  But first things first, what is the name?  Is it really that important what you name your company?  Should you use your name, should you come up with something obscure, should you be specific?  And then once you come up with that name, what does it mean and what is the story behind the name.  AND then, can you get the name????  So difficult, right.  My advice is don’t get too hung up on one specific name.  Think about if your company went big, how would that name sound? Does your company name depend on you always being a major part of it?  Name your company something that has meaning to you. You are the one that is going to give that name meaning and help to build a brand around the name.  If you can come up with something catchy and easy to remember, then that will help you in building a business too

Jan McCarthyComment