What's Your Number?

Ok, so a popular little quip that’s going around these days is “what’s your number?” .  Just recently, the Celebrity Apprentice used it in conjunction with an ad campaign for a mop. Really?  A mop?  Of course the reference is to ” how many people you have slept with?” so it is a little racy, but certainly garners attention.

I’m not about to visit that subject and don’t want to know your history either, LOL!, but…… I do like numbers.  (Well, not adding or subtracting or figuring out statistical things) but I like grouping things in numbers and have a few favorite numbers I might use in selecting a lottery ticket.  This year, ONE of my favorite numbers is 12.  To help me get certain number of things accomplished, I list my top 12 things to do a day and check them off as they are DONE.  Some of them are regular things like walking, blogging, and drinking at least 57  (another favorite number) oz of water a day.  Other items on my list include phone calls, meetings, errands, emails, etc.  Listing my top 12 gives me a sense of accomplishment and organization. It helps me to see what I really need to do so that it isn’t fighting for space in my head to remember what I need to do.  Apparently Obama responds to 10 written letters each day. That sounds like a good thing to do.  Whatever your number, you decide what is reasonable and manageable, and watch your stress level go down as you check off one task after another.  What’s your number will add up to a whole lot of numbers getting done. And that makes for a happy entrepreneur!

Jan McCarthyComment