A Measure of Success

How do you measure success?  Do you assign a dollar number to your success?  Maybe it means that you have achieved a specific goal?  At what point do you say I have reached success?  Success is more than any of this and can be achieved on a daily basis, a financial basis or just a personal basis.  I think success is whatever you deem it to be and the fact that you even showed up today makes you successful.

I was talking to a woman recently and she has seen success.  Her line of jewelry took off and she was in all the department stores and had show rooms representing her jewelry. Eventually she had to hire employees, bring on an accountant, manage a business.  One day she walked away from it all.  She wasn’t able to do the things she loved anymore.  

Recently I’ve been thinking about my own success and what it means.  I’ve achieved several goals but others I’ve reevaluated and or moved the goal posts.  I’ve recognized and given credit that I’ve done my best and that I also have the right to change the measure of success. 

Success is what you call it. Success is yours, when you say it is success. Let success be measured by you, not by others that put false measures on what you measure differently.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment