It's A Start

I’m in a group of amazing women and one of the things we do is meet every month and  each woman plans one goal to accomplish.  We can ask for help achieving our goal if we need to, or it can serve as accountability which ultimately helps us to achieve what we set out to do.  I’m sure I will write more about this group later, but for now, my goal for the month of April was to clean up my desktop.  I also thought it would be nice if I could delete a lot of my old email messages, a task I have NEVER attempted in the five years or so that I’ve been doing emails.  So today, I stepped into my courage and started deleting!  and deleting, and deleting.  I have taken some trips down memory lane, (reading encouraging emails sent to my daughter Keeley when she was studying abroad in Barcelona, and looking at notes to Caitlin about managing her finances at 17. I also discovered a picture taken of one of my first paintings and realized how far I’ve come with expert instruction in the last year!) It’s been enlightening, encouraging, exciting and sometimes depressing viewing my life in messages, as well as looking at the mass of junk I’ve accumulated over the years.

Well, it has taken me four hours to delete about 5000 email messages!!!  WOW!  That would be pretty impressive I guess, but I still have over 24,0000 emails to go. However, IT’S A START, and you have to start somewhere. Sometimes all we need is to start, whether it is launching a dream, taking that first step to doing something we love, or tackling that great big job that seems way bigger than we are!  Just start. take the first step, and the rest is all down hill from there.

xo, jan

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