Pivotal Moments

Those pivotal moments that shape our lives and define decisions can be traced back to an innocent statement or event that alone means nothing but combined with other thoughts create a movement and changes the course of time.

There are many pivotal moments in my life.  

The first one I recall occurred when I was in High School.  Not a natural test taker, I did poorly on the SAT’s.  My counselor called me into her office to discuss.  She told me I wasn’t college material and set in motion an insecurity that took me years to overcome.  It wasn’t until I was almost 27 that I got up the courage to enter the college arena and after five years, and Mom to a 6 month old, I received a business degree in Marketing.  DON’T LET ANYONE DEFINE YOU

Another pivotal moment occurred one day when I was chatting with one of the basketball coaches that knew my daughter was performing at the Boulder Dinner Theater in Boulder. He asked if my daughter had an agent. ARgghhh!  The dreaded word.  (My daughter knew from the moment she could talk that she wanted to be an actress.  She was in 4th grade and had begged and begged for me to get her an agent. (The closest one was in Denver)  I refused)  “No”, I said.  He put me on the spot when he pointedly asked, “Why not”?  “Because I’m not going to drive all over Denver for her to go on an audition”, I said, firm in my conviction that this was a waste of time and energy. He waited a moment and said in a calm but powerful voice, “But you drive all over the state for her to go to basketball tournaments, which she doesn’t even like, why wouldn’t you drive all over Denver to let her do something she loves?”  BAM! Silence.  His words struck a cord.  Why indeed.  I was shaken.  This was a pivotal moment.  I went home and told my daughter that if she could get an agent in Denver to represent her, I would drive her to all the auditions she wanted to attend. She got an agent.  WHY INDEED?

I could go on all day about pivotal moments, (meeting my husband, deciding to go to school, deciding to have children etc.,), but, I will just mention two more that shaped my life. I followed through on a lead to become involved in Ladies Who Launch and have met many women that have influenced and contributed to my life in the most profound and meaningful ways, the other was saying yes to an opportunity that led to my sister and I co-creating a couple of joint projects that have given me the confidence to follow whatever dream I dream.  CARPE DIEM Seize the moment, seize the opportunity

Look back your own pivotal moments and chart your course of success and happiness.  Find the similarities in your decision making process and rejoice at the direction your life has taken.

Jan McCarthyComment