What Are Your Getting From Your Business?

It’s been a busy week! I love everything I do, but time has been a little short as I’ve maintained my normal busy schedule in addition to preparing to teach my two new Entrepreneurship classes this QTR. To save time, I could just use the materials I used last QTR, but I strive to be a better instructor and want to make each QTR the best I possibly can. That means I have to do quality research, design engaging activities, think like my students to figure out what might motivate them to become an entrepreneur and bring in materials or speakers that will excite them into learning. My students aren’t necessarily budding entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurship is a required class and while they might enjoy the information, they are probably less than thrilled with the amount of work required to write a full scale business plan. So, I have my challenges. This QTR, my motto for the classes is to SIMPLIFY & ENTERTAIN.   I think if I can simplify the information they receive while entertaining them at the same time, they will be more likely to enjoy the BPLAN project and embrace it as more than a learning experience.  

As I ponder my class and try to figure out what I can do to make it better, I also can’t help but mentally respond to the question one of my students asked last QTR, “what do you get from teaching these classes?” It makes me examine what I do and realize it is just as important for me to make it exciting for me too. Whatever business you are in, don’t lose sight of what you want from the business, more than paying the bills, more than prosperity. A big mistake would be to just stay comfortable or forget the passion that started your business in the beginning.

Stay fresh.  Stay excited. If you do that, your business will stay.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment