A Mistake By Any Other Name

I’m gearing up to participate in a craft show of sorts, it’s a “Made in America” kind of thing, in which I will be showcasing my art. It’s been an interesting process in that art is something I kind of fell into. There are lots of business lessons that I have taken from the preparation and participation that I’m sure I will share with you, but the one today comes from a mistake.

I was trying to take my image and put it on a piece of fabric and then have it cut and sewn to make a hand/tea towel. After several failed attempts at creating the image in the form required to duplicate onto the fabric, my daughter stepped in and helped. I told her 28 x 28, not sure what I was thinking.  I selected two kinds of fabric, I guess in hopes that one would work and if I liked it, I could make more.

When the fabric arrived, I realized it was waaaaayyyy too big for a hand towel and not the kind of fabric I would want to dry my hands on. With the art show days away, I decided to make pillows. The pillows exceeded my expectations and now I love my mistake. Hope you do too!

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment