Break The Rules

My affinity for watching “The Bachelor” is already known, but I watch it for more than just a chance to check out, it is filled with business lessons every single time as you watch how the women get the attention of the bachelor or bachelorette, and who wins in the end.

The first night the bachelor is faced with the toughest challenge to date. more girls than ever before stream into the mansion and he barely has time to do more than greet them as they get out of the limo. In the final rose ceremony of the evening, he lets the girls go that he doesn’t feel he made a connection with. But did he make a mistake he wonders? Before he can contemplate too long, one of the girls that was let go comes back and pleads for him to reconsider. They didn’t get a chance to spend any time together, and she wants a second chance. And he gives it to her! She doesn’t go home that first night! Does she make it to the end of the season and win herself a husband? Don’t know yet, but she broke the rules when she came back in the mansion and went after what she wanted. I like that.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment