Control The Message

There are a variety of conversations that I’ve had recently that are a lesson in people and businesses not acting in their best interest. One person was telling me about a candidate that was interviewing for a job with him and the person applying sent references. The references weren’t that good. Ummmmm. Another is a business that asked one of the vendors to help explain new policies to their customers that weren’t necessarily favorable to the business.When you ask someone to be a spokesperson for you, you need to make sure the message delivered is in your best interest and reflects what you would like to be said.

Now it is true, sometimes a bad review on yelp or a disgruntled customer will deliver messages that are not positive and that requires a different tactic to diffuse the situation and make things right, but when you have the control and you give it away to the wrong person, you are not acting very smart.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment