Holding On To Stuff

What are you holding on to? Fear, knowledge, research, clothes, junk, collections, old ideas? I’m holding on to stuff. Not important stuff. The kind of stuff that for some reason I don’t throw away when I should. Maybe a menu that I stick in the drawer, shampoos and soaps from the hotel, make-up I never use anymore.  But I’m ready to get rid of all that stuff. My mission is to clean OUT something everyday, till I’m done. When you hold onto to stuff, regardless of what kind of stuff, you hold yourself back. So let go. Declutter your mind, your drawers, your fears, your habits [bad], your insecurities or anything else you are holding on to that is not serving you. Open up brave new worlds and live in serenity when you are not burdening yourself with holding on.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment