I Like This

I learn a lot from friends, “duh!” but these are some practices that I like a lot. One friend sets a challenge each month. I don’t remember her every challenge, but some are things like, “eat more vegetables, no social media, cook at home, be mindful about a particular practice, utter no negatives, write a specific number of words a day, workout x number times of the week, write thank you notes, no television, take the stairs, etc.” The more specific she is, the more likely she is to accomplish her set challenges.

Another friend incorporates a no spend month a couple of times a year, and only purchases what is already in the budget such as food, gasoline, or regular bills like heat, electric, car payment, house payment. Nothing is purchased unless it is a necessary expenditure.

My old friend from CO cleans out her freezer once a year. If all she has is a few leftovers and waffles, that is what they eat until the freezer is empty. Not sure her family enjoys that so much, and pretty sure I couldn’t hack it, but I love the idea of it. (I would probably just throw everything away and be done with it, but that probably wouldn’t serve the purpose of saving money and encouraging me to freeze more wisely.)

All of these are great methods for starting fresh, cleaning up the past, getting out of debt, and getting rid of things that are holding you back or down and therefore allowing you to move forward. Like I said, I like this, and maybe you will too.

xo, jan

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