I’ve been busy. Like really busy. Good busy, but busy. And in the wake of all that busyness, my blog was the first to go. And then when I got a moment, I felt like I was so far behind, that I believed I could never catch up. I bet you have all felt that way at times.

I also thought about the fact that I’m near the end of my 1 year commitment to write a blog everyday for the year, and even though I may continue this practice in the new year, I also thought about how I’ve already written like 340 sum odd blogs at least, so skipping out here at the end didn’t seem like such a big deal, when so many other pressing matters were happening. But…….., and that’s a big but, it is a big deal.

Many of us start to fizzle out when we near the end of a goal, and fall just a smidgen short of final accomplishment. We start to make excuses, we justify quitting or stopping. We tell ourselves it doesn’t matter. And even though we start out with bravado and enough steam to carry us about 2/3 of the way through, it is pure grit and determination that keeps us going.

So this is my first blog since 12/07/14, (did you miss me?) and in-between 12/07/14 and 12/03/14 I’m missing a couple of blogs. I am determined to get back in the game, to follow-through, to start, even though I’m out of the loop, even though I wasn’t even sure where to begin, even though I am overwhelmed and have a lot to catch up on. Even though. (So prepare to be inundated with blogs till the end of the year.) I promised you back in January a blog about a business lesson for every day and I’m going to fulfill that promise. Because sometimes you just have to push through and do it.

xo, jan

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