If You Are Going To Be Obnoxious, Be Good

Okay, here’s the deal. My friend and I went to a fancy schmancy dinner at a very popular restaurant last evening. We were told that even the casual hang around kind of bar was too busy for drop-ins like us, on a cold, rainy Sunday evening at 6pm, so we put our name on the list, to sit at the bar. (Getting a table for the evening is completely out of the question) So we go up to the bar to order a drink, while we are waiting for the bar, and get yelled at for where we are standing. (We weren’t in anyone’s way)  We also try to make a reservation a couple of weeks into the future and are told we have to call a reservation center, but when we do, we are put on hold for 5 minutes. Finally we make a reservation at another restaurant. About 45 minutes later, we get our bar seat and order our meal. Everything about this restaurant is obnoxious, especially their attitude, except the decor and the food. The food was really excellent. And that is the only reason I will go back, and follow their rules. So if you are going to be obnoxious, you better be good, at least where it really matters.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment