I Didn't Die

I don’t mean to sound dramatic and when you read my post, I hope you won’t think me glib. But I think I do have an important reminder and I didn’t die.

Here’s the thing. We attach a lot of importance to superficial things. Including me. I left yesterday to go to an appointment and half way there, realized I was a little lost. I pulled out my phone, or rather I went to pull out my phone when I realized I didn’t have it. Part of me half attempted to turn round and go back. (God forbid someone should need to reach me.) For a moment I panicked when I realized I would have to navigate on my own to find my appointment. And also realized I couldn’t call to alert the person I was meeting that I was running a bit late. But in the end, I didn’t go back for the phone, I enjoyed my meeting and I didn’t die.

Today I left to go run errands and meet with a couple of people when I realized I wasn’t wearing all my jewelry. For those of you that know me, I wear a lot. Now I wasn’t totally without, because I wear the majority of my jewelry 24/7, and that is probably far more than most people wear on special occasions, but I didn’t have the additional key pieces that I normally wear to complete my look. It’s part of my brand, part of my identity. So when I left without the additional pieces, I felt naked, out of sorts, vulnerable, incomplete. But I didn’t die.

I didn’t die on either of these occasions, (obviously) but I did think a lot about losing sight of my intention to be mindful this month. I wondered what the universe was trying to tell me about being so forgetful. I thought about how we become so attached to our things. And what that says about us, me. It made me remember the advice I give other entrepreneurs. “You don’t have to have all the tools to move forward.” You won’t die without your phone, your jewelry, your folder, your whatever. Just take a deep breath and move on.

xo, jan

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