The Right Fit

I took up painting about 3 years ago, and finally found success of fulfilling a lifelong dream to create something I liked ENOUGH that I could hang on my walls. Now it’s not that I haven’t tried painting before, but attempts were unsuccessful mostly because it wasn’t the right fit. Either I wasn’t ready to explore, experiment, take risks, let go, or when I did take a class, the instructor didn’t get me and know how to teach me to become the painter I’ve become.  And so, I would give up, thinking, I’m not creative or I can’t paint.

Eventually, I took a chance again, my desire to paint greater than my fear of failure, and I found the right fit with three instructors that knew how to draw out my talent and let me create successfully. That doesn’t mean every painting I’ve created has been great, but it means I’ve found happiness and success with what I’m doing and I’m not afraid to keep creating.

Since then, my painting has taken on a life (or side business) on its own, (unexpectedly, I might add) and it has been a wonderful journey so far. The point is, don’t quit just because you aren’t successful your first go round, or even your second and third. Keep trying until you find the right fit.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment