You Are The Face

I went to Artisanal LA yesterday, mostly to see my friend Angela, founder of EDEN CONDENSED but of course wandered the isles checking out all the other businesses too. It was interesting to observe how each booth was decorated to attract attention and draw customers in. One booth stood out to me for reasons other than the fact there were no customers checking out the goods (which I actually have no idea of what they were selling.) Now I can’t say that this is the reason this particular booth was empty of customers, but the guy sitting in the booth was smoking an E cigarette. It isn’t my job to declare approval or not for this practice, but I do think in a workplace environment that if you are doing something that is controversial, you might abstain from activity. And in this case, there are plenty of people who dislike the E cigarette. Translation: it may keep people away from your business. So I’m just sayin….. YOU ARE THE FACE of your business.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment