Change Is Constant

As much as I like things to stay the same, I also like change, unless it changes things I don’t want to change. I’ve watched my business change and morph into things I want, and it makes me so happy to see these things come to fruition and blossom. I also have watched my business change based on things I have no control over. Things such as technology that changes the way I interact and communicate with my clients, customers, manufacture my products or deliver my services. People who move away, change schedules or their mind, or change businesses, ideas, needs or situations.  Space that is no longer available, big enough, accessible or affordable.

Change also makes me review my business model and plan. It helps me to take a good look to see if I am on point with my deliverables. Am I providing things that are relevant, important and needed by my target market? Am I fresh, innovative, and in alignment with what I want? And lastly, as much as change may be welcomed at times, in the instances when it isn’t, to recognize there may be a better scenario that will result from that change. I do believe that when one door closes, (for whatever reason) that another one opens, and usually for the best. Life is about experiences, and change is constant.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment