If You Have A Gloomy House, You Never Get Out of Your Funk

The pharmacist on the show Olive Kitteredge told a woman coming in for a prescription that treats depression, “If you have a gloomy house, you never get out of your funk.” As winter approaches, we all need to think about the amount of light we get, and of course many of us are well aware of the true affliction of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

However, having a gloomy house doesn’t just relate to your personal abode. It also pertains to your business. It’s easy to stay mired in the day to day stuff that drains and contributes to a gloomy environment, but it is so important to remember the light in your business. Find what makes you love your business and concentrate on those parts that fuel your fire and keeps you going. Add add more light, real light. Open the window, up your wattage, get out from behind the desk, take a walk, go out to lunch, take a moment to think, rather than stay busy every minute you are in office, (whether you are working from a home office or a high rise in downtown.) All of these things will help diminish the gloom and help you continuously find the joy in what you do.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment