In Just A Moment

I attended a party last night. After a delicious dinner, we sat down to play a game and enjoy tasty desserts, great after dinner cocktails and the roaring fire in the new fireplace that my friends had recently installed in their loft.

The fire went out but it is one of those cool fireplaces that all you need to do is to add more alcohol (not the kind we were drinking!) so my friend did the honors. Within seconds, a loud boom occurred and my friend was in the midst of the fireball, and one of the guest’s shoes were on fire! It happened quickly, in just a moment really, and without warning. As I was exiting the unit as one should do when the fire drill goes off, my friend calmly and quietly found the fire extinguisher, and said, “I know how to use this.” He put out the fire, and we cleaned up the residue off every single object and yes, threw away open bottles of wine and cupcakes and cookies that had been from affected by the incident. And eventually, the smoke filled room was aired out. Fortunately this story ends well, although my friend did singe his hair pretty badly, burned his nose and hand, and lost most of his eyebrows during the ordeal.

I learned a couple of lessons through this harrowing experience that I think are important to share. Call them business lessons as well, they are important in any aspect of life.

1. Be prepared. My friend had a fire extinguisher. This contributed to his ability to put out the fire.

2. Be knowledgeable – he knew how to use it which most likely prevented any of us from getting hurt or any permanent damage from occurring.

I will be getting a fire extinguisher tomorrow. How about you?

3. And most important, in just a moment, your life can change…. for good, bad, it can can change. Don’t put off things you want to do, value every moment, be careful.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment