Measure Twice, Cut Once

Whoops! I actually thought I had measured twice, (symbolically at least anyways) but even when you think you have checked it all, you can still have mistakes. I have a chair I’m getting recovered, and when the upholsterer told me to get 5.5 yards of trim, I went off in search of 5.5 yards of trim. I found it, paid for it, and delivered it to the upholsterer, only to find out three weeks after it should have been done, that I didn’t deliver 5.5 yards of trim. Which means I trusted the person selling me the trim to measure correctly. But I didn’t measure again, and that created a problem. I don’t think the seller purposely tried to scam me. I think he was just busy, and didn’t pay attention. Which means I needed to. Lesson learned. Pay attention to what you are giving your customer, pay attention to what you are getting.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment