People Are Never As Helpless As They Think They Are

We have all been in that position where we think we can’t do something, or have no control over our circumstances, helpless to the situation and in desperate need of someone to help us out. But it is amazing how resourceful we can be when we have our backs up against the wall.

As a female, I’m embarrassed to admit that when the car breaks down, or the air conditioner stops working, I feel helpless and rely on my husband to take care of those things. I recently had an experience where the printer was not working properly. I couldn’t get the ink to print correctly. Black turned out yellow/green. It was very frustrating as I needed the printer and needed it in the moment, not when my husband was available to investigate the situation and figure out a solution. While I didn’t end up fixing it, I’m proud of myself that I tried. I changed the ink, I figured out how to look at the menu, I cleaned the printer, I ran several tests, and I researched on the internet possible solutions.

In the past I probably would have believed myself helpless and just waited until my husband could take a look. But necessity is a miraculous thing. And needing the printer made me step away from my helplessness and try different things.  Eventually, my husband did figure out the problem and fixed the printer.

Next time you believe you are helpless and can’t do something, step back, take a deep breath and use your reasoning skills and the problem solving skills you have developed as an entrepreneur. Remember, you are never as helpless as you think.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment