Who Made The Decision?

Have you ever wondered, “Who made the decision?”, especially when it is one of those social (or politically incorrect) gaffes that occur, and a brand goes from the darling to the disaster? I’m not saying this is one of those, but I question the decision to dress the airport in complete Halloween regalia. I left on a flight this morning, and was shocked to see halloween characters, (ghosts)and ghoulish figures hanging from the ceiling, pumpkins, and mock hay stacks decorating the front desks and holding areas of Southwest Airlines.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Halloween enough, especially candy, (although I’m not really the dress up type- probably an insecurity there somewhere about not having a good enough costume, but I can certainly appreciate a unique costume), however, I don’t know that decorating for Halloween, or possibly other holidays is the best business decision one can make, especially given the strong opposition and divide I’ve seen in schools when kids are not allowed to dress up or even acknowledge the holiday.

The only reason I bring any of this, is aligning oneself with a particular holiday, (unless that is your thing) can create discord and disagreement in the situation, and ultimately, possibly alienate customers. And don’t we have enough to do to keep the peace and ourselves out of controversial issues. That’s all.

xo, jan

It's just a friendly ghost!

It's just a friendly ghost!

Jan McCarthyComment