Working In A Co-Working Space

I don’t have difficulty getting my self started or working out of my home, but when the opportunity to try out a really cool co-working shared space came up, I jumped at the chance. it was nice to be in a creative environment, and I always relish the opportunity to meet new people, but I must say it was rather distracting listening to others carry on phone conversations, discuss concepts in their meetings and laugh or cajole at inside jokes. I think it would have been nicer to have quiet hours or something so I could concentrate on the task at hand. aka, writing a blog. However, once the crowds left, and it was a little more quiet, I found the environment much more conducive to getting work done. It’s good to step outside your normal routine, if for no other reason to see what works best for you and to mix it up a bit. You may just find a new way to work that creates a happier, more productive environment or helps you to appreciate the environment you already have.

xo, jan

Now beach side or pool side might be next!

Jan McCarthyComment