The Story Behind The Story

This is one of my paintings. It isn't my favorite, nor is it my least favorite, but it makes me smile/laugh every time I see it. The thing about this painting, is that I painted it from a very real place. I visited this antique shop in Boulder, CO one day and I saw this stuffed bird. I had never seen a bird like it before and for some unexplainable reason, I started laughing. I couldn't believe a bird like this even existed and the fact that it made me laugh was awesome. I fell in love immediately. When I found out the name of the bird was a cuckoo bird (I had to look up how to spell cuckoo) I laughed even more! I took a picture of the bird and couldn't wait to paint him. Anything that brings laughter and joy to your life is valuable. Don't ignore the importance of surrounding yourself with the things that are funny or delightful. 

xo, jan