Most all of us get wrapped up in our "stuff!" We hold onto it like a security blanket, letting it define us and hold us hostage. I speak from someone who knows. I love my books and papers, clothes that may no longer be in style, but are comfortable and feel like a second skin, somehow believing that one day I will wear them again and feel the same attachment as I do now. I hold onto the gifts that no longer fit my decor but came from loved ones or mementos that remind me of adventures of far away lands. Somehow I believe I need this stuff and will use it or even find it when I want to retrieve it at some future date. But the truth of it all, is most of it is just clutter. And clutter gets in the way. Clutter takes up space. And when you have too much stuff in your space, you really have no room for new stuff to come in. 

So recently, I've been on a kick. Getting rid of clutter. The books "Shed Your Stuff, Change Your Life" and the newest, hottest book on the best seller list "The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up" exemplify just how much we allow clutter to clutter our lives and give helpful hints about how to  correct the problem. 

And just in case you are ready to jump on the bandwagon and rid your life of all this nonsense, and can't wait for the books to arrive, read " 7 ways to get rid of clutter without getting rid of it" from Rue Mag and get started immediately!

Once you clear out a space, you will start to feel renewed. And that is good for you and your business!

xo, jan


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