When I taught entrepreneurship to students in college, one of the things I constantly had to deal with was getting the students to put away their phones and keep them away during class. I would ask them on the first day of class, "How many of you take your phone into the shower with you?" They giggled a bit, but no one ever raised their hand. To which I added, "Well, while you are in this class, pretend you are in the shower and keep your phone out of sight."  

Of course, that was easier said than done, and today, it is such an epidemic among society that there are classes and workshops to help people relearn what it is like to actually engage with people face to face or be alone with their thoughts or creativity. 

Before it gets to that point for you, I recommend you try it. Start out small. Set aside a certain amount of time to be alone with your thoughts. Or work on a project and stay focused for a section of time without clicking over to fb, emails, or other sites on the web that can be distracting. Can you do it? it's hard, but with a little practice, I bet you can get back to a part of yourself that thrives when you aren't so connected to technology. And you might just find you are getting a whole lot more accomplished!

xo, jan



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